East Point Elementary school visit.

We have a wonderful partnership with East Point Elementary school. The entire school has visited the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Library and received a student library card to check out books. 


 We had a great story time and a demonstration of all our library services. The wonderful school librarian Lorena Buck ran back and forth bringing library applications to us from East Point making sure that all of the students received a library card.

EAST kids

Thank you so much Principal Dana Boyd for making this possible, and having the drive to make it that much easier for all of your students to have access to reading. We were more than honored to have your students and your staff here at our little library. 


Winter Reading Club activities!

We had a blast on Saturday’s here at the library making crafts for this years winter reading club. 

WRC Schedule of events

The 1st week of our Winter reading club we made lovely Christmas ornaments with our loved one’s pictures on them.

xmas ornament craft

The next weekend we made fuse beads of our favorite Star Wars heroes!

welcomelittle one! (2)

The kids (and especially the parents) had a great time making “fuse beads” of their favorite Star Wars characters. 

star wars

At the end of the month on Saturday’s we have our “book buck store,” the store is open in our meeting room from 11-3pm. Patrons are welcome to browse our store and spend their book bucks. 

We created a special “Wookie Buck” for November and December. 

Wookie Buck

For January we have a special “baby buck” to celebrate the start of a new year. 

Book Buck

For our December Winter reading craft Saturday we made lovely bead Christmas tree ornaments.

JCCV Bead craft flyer 12-7

Our library families had fun creating with beads.


We had a blast creating winter wreaths out of ribbon and ornaments. 

Friday and Saturday at 3_00

We had 65 patrons show up to create a special holiday wreath. 

Thank you all for sharing the holiday spirit with us here at the library. 

On December 21st we had a special visit from Santa and the Johnson family trio. 

JCCV Santa visit & trio

We had such a great time listening to music and taking pictures with Santa.

Thank you Santa for taking time out of your busy schedule to visit with our patrons and take pictures. 

To end off our Winter reading club we made cute Star Wars crafts. 

Thank you to all of our families for participating in our Winter reading club! Our little library led the way with 1222 books read. We are so proud of our 260 patrons who signed up, and read so many books.

“Don’t read Solo, join our winter reading club!”

We had great participation this winter for our annual Winter Reading Club! We had 260 people sign up to read with us this winter and 1222 books were read.

WRC girl

Congratulations to Hailey, our overall winner for reading 115 books this season and taking the grand prize.

WRC logs

The kids and adults alike read so many books this winter, we gave multiple prizes to patrons based on their age level of reading.  

Our winners were super excited to receive a prize, and we are so encouraged at how much they read this winter! 

WRC winner Jonah & me

Thank you Jonah for reading so much this winter! You are one of our repeat winners and we are all so proud of you. 

baby yoda

Patrons had fun making their own “the child” craft and little Chewbacca gingerbread keepsakes. 

xmas baby yoda

Thank you all for reading so much this winter, we led the entire library system with 1222 books read. 

Santa and the Johnson family trio.

Thank you Johnson trio for joining us in welcoming Santa Clause to the library on Saturday December 21st. 


Our patrons enjoyed music, and the jolly company of Santa Clause.  

JCCV Santa visit & trio

Thank you so much Johnson family for entertaining us with beautiful Christmas music, you made our Christmas program extra special. 

johnson trio

You can order music from Brandon at http://www.brandonbaileyjohnson.com. 

santa 2

Our families took lovely photo’s with Santa, Savannah the giraffe got into the Christmas spirit also. Santa – thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to pose for pictures with the kids.