We love Chico!

Chico, the beloved mascot of our AAA baseball team, the El Paso Chihuahuas, came to visit our library on July 23, 2015.


Chico’s friend Rebecca read a wonderful story to the children in attendance, while Chico acted it out to the amusement of all present. He sat on people’s laps, made funny signs with his paws, sprawled on the table, and ran around the room.

IMG_0295 IMG_0304 IMG_0307 IMG_0311

After the story, Chico played Pictionary with the kids. Those who correctly guessed what Chico was drawing won Chihuahuas rally towels.
IMG_0323Then, the kids could do crafts, have their faces painted with Chico’s signature scar, and have their picture taken with the charming chihuahua.

IMG_0333 IMG_0332


Everyone was so happy to meet Chico and his wonderful friends from the El Paso Chihuahuas, who gave all in attendance the time of their lives! The JCCV Youth Services team was also very glad to meet their new friend Chico! We hope he can come back again soon!


Terrific Teens For the Win!

Cindy, JCCV Branch Manager, made good on a bet she made with our branch’s teens. She promised that if 75 teens completed the Summer Reading Program this year, she would dye her hair green.

Eighty-three teens completed the program, logging 1,223 hours and 204 books. So, Cindy went to get her hair dyed green.

green hair 1

Here’s the before and after:

 20150602_120130 green hair2

Cindy has mentioned that perhaps next year if one hundred teens complete the program, she will style her hair into a blue mohawk. There’s something for the teens to plan on for next summer!

Real-Life Heroes Visit the Library!

In celebration of our Summer Reading Program theme “Every Hero Has a Story,” the real-life heroes of the El Paso Fire Department’s Fire Station 20 came to give a presentation to the children at the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch Library.

IMG_0279They taught the children the proper situation in which to call 911 (if there is a real emergency). They also showed off all the features of their truck and the protective gear they wear when they fight fires.


IMG_0243 IMG_0249 IMG_0250 IMG_0273

The kids got to go up on the fire truck and to try on some of the gear the firefighters use.

IMG_0256 IMG_0258

The presentation had to end a little early when the firefighters had to leave on a call, but it gave the kids a chance to see them in action and for the firefighters to demonstrate the lights and sirens as they drove away! Everyone still had a wonderful time, and we hope to have these wonderful firefighters back again sometime in the future!


Awesome Origami

On Saturday, July 18th, the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch was thrilled to host an awesome origami event taught by Martha from the Sergio Troncoso Branch Library.


Martha taught the kids and parents in attendance the art of Japanese paper folding. Some of the designs they learned were bunnies and jumping frogs.

IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234 IMG_0214

Everyone in attendance had a wonderful time and learned a lot about origami.

IMG_0219 IMG_0231

Have you seen me?

Spot, our baby leopard, has gone missing from the children’s area of the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch. He was last seen Monday, July 13 in the red rocker chairs. We’re sure he’s missing reading all his storybooks, playing games on the computers, and playing with all his friends.

If you find him, please return him to the library. We will be happy to welcome him home, no questions asked.

Happy Birthday, Stripes!

Former library pet Stripes made an appearance at the Jose Cisneros Branch Library on Saturday, June 11th for his yearly birthday celebration.


All who attended were treated to a wonderful presentation on snakes and reptiles by Cindy, JCCV Branch Manager. Children learned the difference between Stripes and a venomous coral snake (“Red next to yellow can kill a fellow; red next to black is a friend to Jack”). They also learned never to approach snakes in the wild. They won’t be as friendly as Stripes, since they aren’t used to being handled by humans.

IMG_0195  IMG_0193

Cindy explained to the audience how Stripes sheds his skin. There was a chart with his skins stretched out to show the kids how much he’s grown over the years. The black line in the middle represents how big Stripes was when he first came to the library.

IMG_0189  IMG_0205

The children seemed to enjoy learning about Stripes.


After the presentation, there were three crafts for kids to do: snake masks, spiral snakes, and snake finger puppets. Refreshments were also served to celebrate Stripes.

IMG_0180  IMG_0176


Everyone had a wonderful time at Stripes’s party learning about snakes.

IMG_0208 IMG_0209 IMG_0210  IMG_0179


Coming Soon!!

On Saturday, July 18th, the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch Library is going to have two great programs for kids. At 1pm, children have the opportunity to learn the Japanese art of origami, with special guest Martha from the Sergio Troncoso Branch Library.

Photo credit: Sheila Sund

Photo credit: Sheila Sund

Then, at 2pm, all are invited to meet the real-life superheroes that work for the El Paso Fire Department. They will show off one of their trucks and teach kids a little about what they do for the citizens of El Paso.


Both events are being offered free of charge, and all materials are provided. We encourage you to come out and enjoy these two amazing events.

For more information on either event, please call Jennifer at (915) 594-7680.