Superhero Training Academy

Villains beware! On June 6, 2015 a new class of superheroes graduated from the Superhero Training Academy at the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch Library. This program was part of the Children’s Summer Reading Program.

IMG_3417Candidates for the Academy were subjected to an obstacle course that required they disarm bombs (balloons) by sitting on them. They also had to climb over a series of arches and jump through fiery hoops.

bombs IMG_3411

Candidates also were required to climb through webs and practice knocking down targets.

IMG_3413 IMG_3415

In addition to their training, candidates created masks, since every superhero needs a secret identity!


Library staff wore their best superhero attire to welcome the new superheroes into their ranks.


Supergirl Erika and Kevin, Agent of SHIELD


All candidates were awarded a certificate to celebrate their completion of the Superhero Training Academy, which were signed by some seriously awesome superheroes.



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