Summer Learning Day at the Library

The El Paso Public Library celebrated Summer Learning Day on June 19, 2015. Summer Learning Day is sponsored by the National Summer Learning Association, a national nonprofit organization that seeks to encourage learning during the summer. The goal of Summer Learning Day is to provide children and teens with educational opportunities during the summer months when kids are out of school.

To celebrate Summer Learning Day, 10,000 books were given away citywide, including at the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch.


In addition to a book giveaway, we had activities for children and teens. Teens who attended Summer Learning Day were taught how to make duct tape wallets.

The children who attended Summer Learning Day were invited to design Puff Cars. Children were given one piece of paper, two paper clips, three drinking straws, four Lifesaver candies, and a piece of tape. Using only these items, they were to create a car that could be powered only by their breath. It required them to hypothesize what would conceivably make a breath-powered car go, and to think critically on how to make the fastest car possible.

IMG_3574  IMG_3580 IMG_3582  IMG_3584 IMG_3585  IMG_3586 IMG_3588  IMG_3589 IMG_3590  IMG_3591

Once the cars were built, the kids raced them. The kids with the two fastest cars were awarded coupons for a free pizza buffet from Peter Piper Pizza. Another coupon was awarded to the child who made the best looking design.

IMG_3592 IMG_3596

For more information about Summer Learning Day, please visit their website:


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