Real-Life Heroes Visit the Library!

In celebration of our Summer Reading Program theme “Every Hero Has a Story,” the real-life heroes of the El Paso Fire Department’s Fire Station 20 came to give a presentation to the children at the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Branch Library.

IMG_0279They taught the children the proper situation in which to call 911 (if there is a real emergency). They also showed off all the features of their truck and the protective gear they wear when they fight fires.


IMG_0243 IMG_0249 IMG_0250 IMG_0273

The kids got to go up on the fire truck and to try on some of the gear the firefighters use.

IMG_0256 IMG_0258

The presentation had to end a little early when the firefighters had to leave on a call, but it gave the kids a chance to see them in action and for the firefighters to demonstrate the lights and sirens as they drove away! Everyone still had a wonderful time, and we hope to have these wonderful firefighters back again sometime in the future!



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