STEAM Summer Programs

The El Paso Public Library strives to promote STEAM programs (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) to children and teens. Innovation in these fields are highly necessary in a modern world, and careers in these industries are in high demand.

This summer, the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Library held a Teen STEAM picnic, in which our teens used the hot summer days to their advantage by building solar ovens out of pizza boxes. They learned about solar energy and the greenhouse effect, and then got to use their newfound knowledge to cook s’mores.

We also held a Marshmallow Engineering event for the children on Summer Learning Day. The purpose of Summer Learning Day is to help combat the “summer slide” (the loss of knowledge that takes place during the summer when children are not in school). This year, we celebrated Summer Learning Day on Friday, July 15th with marshmallow engineering. Children were challenged to create structures out of mini-marshmallows and toothpicks. They hypothesized which designs would yield stronger structures, and then built them to see if their ideas were correct.


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