In the heart of El Paso, the Jose Cisneros Cielo Vista Library serves the

Cielo Vista neighborhood and beyond with resources for

learning, enrichment and a better tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “About

    • Sorry for the delayed response!

      We don’t offer a paperback trade, unfortunately. We have a small area in the library as well as an outside bookstore that is run by the Friends of the Cielo Vista Library, but they only sell used books. They accept donations but not on a trade basis. However, the books they sell are very cheaply priced. Thanks!

      • fallenapostate says:

        I actually went today and donated my books. I also found a lot of really good books. Thank you for the reply.

  1. Gary E. Moore says:

    Ya know two things that would be really nice?

    1. Correct your telephone number on all your websites on the net. I’ve been trying to call to get an extension on my book all day. The operator says the main number is disconnected. The other number just gives me automated informtion about how to get a library card, how to get to the library, but doesn’t let me speak to anybody to get an extension.

    2. Answer your phone.

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